Riot police intervene as Trump protesters, supporters fight

Story highlights

  • Protesters took to the streets following a Trump rally in Costa Mesa
  • At least one Trump supporter was visibly bloodied after being punched in the face

The crowd, which originally gathered outside the OC Fair & Event Center, poured into the streets following the rally. Protesters blocked a main intersection and were impeding traffic, and the Orange County Sheriff’s Office worked to disperse the crowd, Lt. Mark Stichter said.

Stichter was unable to provide an official estimate on the number of protesters, but demonstrators could be seen filling the intersection of Fairview Road and Fair Drive. Stichter also said he wasn’t aware of any injuries, but several scuffles broke out between Trump supporters who were leaving the rally and people in the streets who accused them of being racist. One Trump supporter was visibly bloodied after being punched in the face.

Several people damaged a police car, smashing its back window before jumping on it and kicking its doors.

At least three people who were marching in the streets were detained and handcuffed by police.

Several protesters told CNN they were demonstrating against Trump’s rhetoric on illegal immigration. Several were carrying Mexican flags as they marched in the street.

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